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Hello Friends,

My wife Janna Zonder and I have opened an online ukulele school, called String Along With Stu. This has been a dream of ours for many years. I've always taught in person or via Zoom, but have wanted to reach more students than I can possibly do in a day. So, String Along With Stu online was born! We can take you from beginning ukulele player all the way through to advanced. The lessons are pre-recorded and use the same teaching techniques that I have always used. We have a community page so that students can connect with each other to share challenges and joys. We'll also have opportunities for online "open mics."  If you are a ukulele player, or want to become one, String Along With Stu is a great opportunity to learn at your own pace and at an affordable price!  

Check us out at: www.stringalongwithstu.com

For my private students, you are still in the right place! 

This is the website to use.

Stu Zonder


I'm Stu Zonder. In 1976, I began teaching guitar at Strings & Things in Birmingham, MI. I have taught privately and in groups ever since, and have realized that teaching guitar and ukulele is my calling. It's the thing I do best, and where I gain the most pleasure and gratification musically. I believe I am a very good player and performer, but I KNOW that I am an excellent teacher. No brag. Itʼs just something I know. Itʼs what I do. Itʼs who I am.

I teach live via Zoom all over the U.S. and around the world. Check out the Testimonials page to see what my students have to say about their experiences learning to play using "The Stunami Method." 

I am very pleased and proud to say that I am an Endorsed Teacher and Artist for Flight Ukuleles, an excellent European manufacturer of beautiful instruments.

On the Videos page and below, you'll find videos of me playing and demonstrating my teaching style.

Also below are highlights from my last three End of the Year "Stuza-Paloozas" - the fun and relaxed concerts that showcase many of my local students.

I hope you'll make your dreams of playing more music come true in the coming months!










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Stu zonder is an endorsed artist and teacher for flight ukuleles


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